Bite into life! Delight body and taste buds with Porat Vegetarian Delight

Eating isn't meant to be a food fight between you and your diet. Your busy schedule and your kids' demanding taste shouldn't come in the way of wholesome and balanced meals. Take pleasure in eating well! It is possible to honor your body with the respect it deserves while enjoying the sumptuous side of life.

Our mission at Porat Vegetarian Delight is to offer you products that are health-supporting as well as excellent alternatives to meat, fast-food and snack-foods that are poor in nutrients and rich in fat. We deliver quick and easy to prepare meals that fit into your particular lifestyle and that can be winningly added to your favourite recipes. Our products are so filling and delicious that they're sure to satisfy the heartiest of appetites and to please the whole family.

Since its creation in 1984 by Christa and Shaul Porat, Porat Vegetarian Delight has been devoted to enriching Canada's menu by offering a savoury line of quality vegetarian dishes. With our gourmet recipes, success was instantaneous and our products are now a staple in thousands of households.