Végé Creton

Our Végé Creton is made with soya and tahini, giving this healthy selection its creamy texture and irresistible taste. It’s great for breakfast, lunch or as a snack! Try it on toast or in your favorite sandwich.


Végé Creton Fine Herbs

The traditional recipe with a twist! The delicious combination of carefully selected fine herbs and our Classic Végé Creton. Enjoy on country style bread or on crackers... Bon Appétit!


Végé Pâté

Made with chickpeas, sunflower seeds and tofu, our Végé Pâté transforms a snack into a meal, loaded with nutrients and protein, this spread is a great alternative to calorie filled dips and cheeses.


The Mediterranean – Sundried tomato & Basil

We use the flavors of the Mediterranean to make this spread a delicious and healthy selection. With sundried tomatoes brightening your plate and delighting your palate you’ll be taking your senses on a trip!


Pesto Spread

The vitality of your garden all year long! This mouthwatering blend of tofu and fresh fine herbs will give your picnic table a special je ne sais quoi...


Vege Burger

Made with simple yet savoury spices, add our Original Végé Burger to your pasta, pizza and chilli! Let your imagination guide you through your culinary creativity.


Végé Burger - Sesame

Our most appreciated recipe... and totally vegan! Discover the unique and delicious flavour of our Sesame Végé Burger by trying it in your veggie stir fry.


Végé Burger - Chicken Flavour

Overloaded with sunflower seeds, our Chicken Flavour Végé Burger will add crunch to your summer! In a sandwich or a salad... a real delight.


Végé Burger - Bacon Flavour

A tasty meal the whole family will enjoy! Our Bacon Flavour Végé Burger is great for breakfast with your morning hashbrowns, or grilled on your backyard BBQ.